Electric Boa/Hammerdown/Clashing Plaid/Mark Evans/John Dennis

Electric Boa/Hammerdown/Clashing Plaid/Mark Evans/John Dennis

Hammerdown, Clashing Plaid, Mark Evans/John Dennis

Friday, December 27, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

World Cafe Live Philadelphia - Upstairs


This event is all ages

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Electric Boa
Electric Boa
In a flash of bright, colorful, iridescent light, The Electric Boa don't just remind you of all things rock, they ARE all things rock - now, yesterday and tomorrow. At once raw, uncut, sophisticated and artful, while you dance your butt off with arms raised, there are no homages in their music. The band uses classic rock like bricks to build their mansion. How could there not be Bowie, the Stooges, Priest, Aerosmith, The Faces and Cheap Trick in the mortar? As in all seminal music, they renew and reinvent what came before. Led by their iconic front man, Higgsy, a sinewy, whirling candy man singing prose of the underside of the American dream, every line and chord of The Electric Boa is cinematic. Drive through the landscape at 120 mph in your '72 Eldorado, top down, with nothing but power chords lingering in your vapor trail.

A whisper to a scream and everything in between....That's what Hammer Down is made of. In a garage a little south of nowhere fast an engine was built, and it ran on rock n' roll. When it roared to life, it had a sound that seemed familiar and somehow new all at once. Using words from a telltale heart, dirty guitar riffs with screaming slides, thumping bass lines, pounding drum beats and just enough piano and Hammond to make it seem human, the machine began to move. Lead by lead singer/guitarist Phil Michaels and featuring Kevin Cooley/lead guitar, Joe DeLuca/piano, Hammond and vocals, Evanrude on bass and Joey Lampassi on drums, the band hits the stage like a five man gang and takes the night by the throat making no apologies and no excuses. They fire their songs at you like a cannon at 140db till they're a tattoo on your brain. If we're going to hell in a bucket you want to be holding the handle. The boys that make the noise get it....this is how it's supposed to be.

Currently supporting their new release, "All In" (2012), Clashing Plaid plays rock and roll mixed with garage, punk,and country. Lead by singer/guitarist Anthony Porter and guitarist Andy Watts, "All In" boasts shout-along catchy choruses and tons of guitar in the tradition of everybody from The Ramones to Johnny Cash. Current rhythm section Jay Kelly (bass) and John Vouras (drums) round out this high-energy rock and roll band.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, Clashing Plaid has released "All In" (2012), "Penny Collection" (2009), "Play It Loud" (2006), "Mix and Match" (2003), "It's Not Rocket Science" (2002), "Get Plaid" (2001), "Emotional Wreck", (1997), as well as the holiday classic, "All I Got For Christmas Was Drunk" (first release 1999), and looks to make a new record in the near future.

Additional information and FREE downloads are available at clashingplaid.com.
Clashing Plaid
3 chords and a cloud of dust...you know the rest.
Venue Information:
World Cafe Live Philadelphia - Upstairs
3025 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19104